The first attempts to build Murcia Cathedral date back to the time of the Reconquista. On 2 February 1266 a great procession led by King Jaime I the Conqueror and the Bishop Fray Pedro Gallego, crossed the conquered city and headed towards the Aljama Mosque where a small chapel was established for saying mass, and the mosque was consecrated under the patronage of St Mary the Great.

Since 1291 it has served as the main Cathedral, when the Episcopal seat was moved from Cartagena to Murcia, making the most of the naves of the prayer room of the mosque for liturgical functions.

Catedral de Murcia - Fachada barroca

The first stone of the current church was not laid until 1394 when Fernando de Pedrosa was Bishop; prior to that, work had been completed on the construction of the cloister, which now houses the Cathedral museum. In 1467, work on the Cathedral was completed, it was consecrated and dedicated to Saint Mary, during the episcopate of Lope de Rivas.

Although construction work ended, the truth is that work has never stopped on the church: extensions, repairs and new chapels have resulted in a place that is full of artistic contrasts, encompassing everything from the understated Mediterranean Gothic of the 15th century to the historicism of the 19th century.


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Catedral de Murcia - Órgano
Catedral de Murcia - Retablo biográfico de Santa Lucía


The Archive of the Cathedral of Murcia preserves and keeps in its funds the future of the Church of Cartagena, from its restoration in 1250 to the present day and is, without doubt, the most important ecclesiastical Archive of the Region of Murcia


Author: Felipe Vidal y Pinilla
Date: 1724
Source: Hispanic Digital Library

Obispado Cartaxena Reino de Murcia

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